3D audio album 'Holoplankton'

'Holoplankton’ is inspired by experiences that were made in the social VR game 'VRChat'. It is a journey through a love story that formed and broke in VR, containing stages of attraction, trust, insecurity, disappointment, heartbreak and healing. The album was produced at the HAW Hamburg in a 7.1.2 format and distributed online via CDs and streaming.


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Editor / Host / Producer

Together with Peter Hackl-Lehner, Lukas was responsible for the planning and production of the radio show 'Ö1 intro'. The 5-minute format was on air every Sunday evening and informed about the most interesting culture events in Austria for a target group of under 30-year-olds.


Sound and video producer

Lukas worked (and sang) with top-of-the-line hot AC radio producers and show hosts from Austria's most successful radio station. He was involved in audio and video creation at Hitradio Ö3 and was part of an effective production team.


'Whsprs' VR artist and performer

Whsprs plays live music at VR community meetups and conventions. The fox reaches an international audience of fans from around the globe. Viewers can interact with the performer by joining him in virtual reality and being part of an actual crowd of people. Whsprs also releases VR-themed music (like 'Holoplankton') and covers.

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'Schillers Antwort' Binaural audio drama

Diving into Ambisonics for the first time, Thomas Maislinger, Maximilian Treitler and Lukas Zeiler produced this modern audio drama. Spotlight on the black death with a glitched out visual experience.


Podcast / Advertisement

'Soundfeiler' is an audio production studio in Vienna. Lukas did freelance work for the company and produced podcasts for Spotify as well as TV advertisements.